Contact Lenses are simple to wear and care for, and are almost undetectable. Millions of people have discovered that contact lenses are a safe, comfortable, convenient and can protect our eyes from UV rays as an affordable alternative to spectacles. Contact lenses are thin, domed discs made of complex plastic materials, and are positioned in front of the transparent outer layer of the eye called the cornea, to focus images onto the retina at the back of the eye.

Contact lenses, for their simplicity and lightness, have become the most preferred eyewear for outdoor activities. People choose to wear contact lenses for various reasons. Many consider their appearance to be more attractive with contact lenses than with glasses. Contact lenses are less affected by wet weather, do not steam up, and provide a wider field of vision. Run, tumble, hop or somersault, whatever you do, the contacts never let you down. Not only convenience, but more than that, with the advent of colored lenses they have become a great fashion accessory.

Contact Lens care is the most important part of contact lens wear. Good eye care also includes proper care of the lenses. All types of contact lenses should always be kept clean, disinfected and hydrated. Lens hygiene is the key to a comfortable wear. All contact lenses accumulate a variety of deposits, from the eye itself whilst wearing them, and from the environment. The tears of the eye contain proteins, lipids (oily secretions), mucous and calcium. The environment also contributes towards building up of these deposits especially on soft lenses. The chemical pollution from cars, factories etc., dust, metal in the air get embedded onto the surface, causing harmful contamination on the lens surface, over a period of time. In order to prevent these deposits, all contact lenses should be cleaned, soaked and disinfected daily.

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Lens specifications can be integrated into plastic, glass etc. The lenses can be embodied in different materials like glasses, plastics and polycarbonate materials.

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